What You Can Do To Support a Personal Option in Health Care

Your voice matters. You can help!

Welcome to our Take Action Center, where you can help advance a Personal Option in health care at the federal, state, and local levels. A Personal option is the smarter alternative to government-controlled health care, but this kind of meaningful, lasting change will only happen if people like you demand it! The best way to make progress toward personalized, affordable health care solutions is to take all the actions outlined below.

A Personal Option is the smarter alternative to government-controlled health care that can enable lawmakers to go on offense and make meaningful, lasting change.

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Ways you can take action now

Tell Congress that you support a Personal Option in health care. Sign the letter and send it today!

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Educate your community! Customize this Letter to the Editor template and send it to your local newspaper.

Share the facts on social media

Posting educational photos and updates to your social media channels is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. Download the image using the link provided (just below the image).
2. Copy the text provided below the image (Cntrl + C on most computers).
3. Upload the image to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.
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A Personal Option supports the simple idea that health care is personal. Save money and regain control of your health care in ways that a government takeover never could. Want to learn more? Visit the website: https://personaloption.com/ 

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You should never receive a surprise medical bill! A Personal Option in health care gives you the peace of mind that comes with price certainty. Find out how: ​​https://personaloption.com/ 

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A Personal Option trusts you to make the health care decisions that are right for your family. Learn more: ​​https://personaloption.com/ 

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Want better access to the medical providers YOU trust? A Personal Option is the doctor-supported approach that puts you (not the politicians) in charge of your own health care. Learn more at: https://personaloption.com/

Educate others on a Personal Option

Use the following talking points to talk with your friends and network about the benefits of personalized health care options.