It’s your health care.
You deserve a
Personal Option.

Quality care at affordable prices.

What is personalized health care?

A Personal Option rests on the idea that health care is personal. That means we should be able to choose the health care arrangements that are right for us. A Personal Option offers more individualized health care options—spanning everything from insurance coverage to what doctors you can see to innovative new treatments. This personal approach to health care trusts you to make your own decisions. It’s about giving you the high-quality care you deserve from the doctors you trust at a price you can afford – without new taxes!

Voters care deeply about health care, and here's what they're saying:

Half of voters want to keep what works in our health care system and fix what's broken.

7 out of 10 voters prefer a Personal Option to a Public Option or Medicare for All.

Nearly 3/4 of voters want the right to choose the healthcare coverage that is right for them.

Americans spend an average of $5,000 a year on out-of-pocket health care costs.

69 percent of voters don't want more government control of health care.

84 percent would like to see the FDA bring Rx drugs to the market faster, increasing competition and lowering costs.

58 percent of voters believe a Personal Option would make them and their families better off.

61 percent of voters favor more competition to improve health care.

More choice means more control and lower costs.
A Personal Option lets you take charge of your health care.