Why a Personal Option for Health Care?

Quality health care options you can customize to fit your individual needs.


A Personal Option recognizes that you know what’s best for you and your family.

Personal health care options you can trust

America has some of the best health care in the world — the best doctors, highly innovative companies, and top-notch researchers. At the same time, the system is complex, bureaucratic, and unaffordable for far too many.

A government takeover of health care, like Medicare for All or a Public Option, would only make things worse. Instead of a complete overhaul that would end private insurance, we need to keep what works and fix what’s broken with a Personal Option.

A Personal Option would empower patients, doctors, nurses, and health care innovators — not insurance companies or the government. It would remove the barriers that impede access to coverage and care and offer Americans more choice and flexibility in their own health care decisions. Importantly, it would not require any new taxes.

More choice means you have more control, which strengthens competition. And that means costs go down as health care providers are forced to compete for your business.

A Personal Option is all about choice and control — who you trust with the important decisions about your health care. It means customized, affordable health care for every American.

A Personal Option offers every American more choice and control. That’s health care you can trust.

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