About Americans For Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity supports the policy initiatives found in a Personal Option in health care.

We don’t need a complete overhaul of America’s healthcare system, and putting the government fully in charge won’t solve the high cost of health care. A government takeover would only raises taxes and impose even more barriers between patients and the doctors they trust. We support keeping what works in the current system and fixing what’s broken through targeted, sensible reforms.

What we need are affordable health care solutions and personalized health care options. Americans for Prosperity believes in giving you greater control over your health care.  We believe that a Personal Option is the right prescription.

Americans for Prosperity is committed to empowering every citizen to realize their American Dream and move our country forward together.

Most Americans do not support a government takeover of health care. We just want to fix what is broken and preserve what works. In many ways, our health care system works quite well. The United States boasts the best cancer survival rates in the world and some of the shortest wait times. And we remain the world’s leader in developing new, life-saving therapies and cutting-edge technologies. But improvement is needed. Health care costs are still too high for Americans. And too many families experience the heartbreak of bankruptcy due to high medical bills.

We have a history of bringing together successful nonpartisan coalitions to achieve what others said couldn’t be done.

Some people say the answer is to put the government fully in charge of health care (“Medicare for All” or “a public option”). While that simple “solution” might sound appealing, it cannot guarantee the basic protections people need. People in countries with single-payer health care typically endure chronic medical shortages, long waiting lists, and government rationing. Tragically, the people who suffer most are the most vulnerable: the sick, the elderly, and people with chronic medical conditions.

Our success means helping others improve their lives by empowering people to realize their unique potential.

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