Anchorage Daily News | Letter: Personal option in health care is the right prescription

BY JOHN WEDELICH | How long until we have a health care system that meets the needs of the people? I continue to be shocked by how much health care costs and how hard it is to see prices up front.Our current system is so full of red tape, forcing people like me to jump through hoops just to get a little care and then surprising us later when the bill comes. There has to be a solution for the majority of Americans who feel that health care should be as easy as shopping at Walmart or Amazon. We deserve more choice and control.

Americans for Prosperity | Why 90% of Americans lack access to health savings accounts

BY DEAN CLANCY | Tax-free health savings accounts save money, reduce medical inflation, and give patients more choice and control. Expanding access to HSAs is key to reducing medical inflation and giving Americans more personalized options in health care. Unfortunately, 90% of Americans have no access to this powerful financial tool. An invisible ceiling exists that keeps most people shut out. That is an injustice.

Real Clear Health | Band-Aid Solutions, Veruca Salt, and the Student Debt Loan Hustle

BY CHARLES SAUER | Political expedience over effectiveness is the driving factor in modern public policy, and it isn’t just a problem with one party – no, it is an issue that is fully endemic to politics at large. It’s probably symptomatic of the two-year election cycle, but the 24-hour news cycle doesn’t help either. Recent examples of this problem were exhibited in both of President Biden’s two main public policy “victories” over August: the Inflation Reduction Act and the student-loan giveaway.

Missoulian | Jesse Ramos: Three steps to better health care for Montana

BY JESSE RAMOS | Every Montanan wants a health care system that works for him or her. To achieve that goal, we need to believe in the people of Montana’s ability to make decisions about their health care without the government sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. We need to trust medical experts, not politicians when it comes to making decisions about care. And we need to believe in the ability of market competition to provide solutions that work for everyone.

The Hill | Health reforms both parties should endorse

BY JOHN C. GOODMAN AND DEAN CLANCY, OPINION CONTRIBUTORS | Health care consistently ranks near the top of American voters’ list of concerns and is likely to remain there. In fact, in Americans for Prosperity’s latest health care poll, conducted on June 22by Public Opinion Strategies, health care is in the top three, right behind inflation and jobs.

Morning Journal | Bill Johnson visits Marietta to discuss healthcare system

BY NANCY TAYLOR - A grassroots proposal to improve America’s healthcare system came to Marietta on Tuesday, coordinated by the Ohio chapter of Americans for Prosperity and supported by U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio. About a dozen people involved in Marietta’s community and business affairs attended a panel presentation and a question and answer session on the topic, billed as a “Policy Roundtable on Healthcare with Congressman Bill Johnson.”

KVPI 6 News | Florida sues FDA over prescription drug program

BY BETHANY BLANKLEY - (The Center Square) – The state of Florida is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over claims its review of the state’s Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program has taken more than 630 days.

Yahoo! News | Jordan: Empower the patient

Aug. 22—LIMA — Congressman Jim Jordan joined a policy roundtable on healthcare with the Americans for Prosperity organization to discuss the Personal Options Legislative Agenda. The roundtable hosted physicians Dr. JJ Sreenan and Dr. Bernard Bubanic, along with Jordan, R-Urbana, and Senior Policy Fellow Dean Clancy.

Missoulian | Jesse Ramos: A personal option in health care for Montanans

BY JESSE RAMOS - In my last column, I advocated for a personalized health care system that prioritizes the needs of the individual patient above all else. I outlined the top-down, government-mandated, and subsidized approach to health care that we currently have and why it needs to change. Instead of all that bureaucracy and red tape, we need a health care system that’s as simple as ordering something off a dinner menu.
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