Washington Examiner | Voters want Republicans to lower healthcare costs

By DEAN CLANCY | Republicans have been apprehensive about health care since the Obamacare Repeal debacle in 2017. For their part, Democrats will never stop trying to end private health insurance and force everyone into a government-controlled system. If we want to avoid that fate, Republicans cannot cede the issue to Democrats — especially when the public is more favorable to GOP ideas on how to fix the system.

Washington Examiner | Empowering patients in healthcare

By WASHINGTON EXAMINER | America’s healthcare is inarguably superior to other nations' socialized systems, wherein patients are forced to wait months to be admitted for routine surgeries and hospital treatments. But it has plenty of problems of its own, including soaring costs, very little transparency in pricing, and shrinking access to trusted doctors and treatments. The result is that few people feel they have the choices they deserve when it comes to care. As many as 44% say that they actively avoid seeking care because it’s too complicated and expensive.

DC Journal | Latinos Deserve Better Health Care; So Does Everyone Else

By ISRAEL ORTEGA | America may offer some of the best health care in the world. But doctors’ appointments are still too hard to make. Certain prescription medicines are too expensive. Prices are obscure. And finding the proper care and coverage is confusing, making shopping around almost impossible. Inflation has exacerbated all these burdens, and each one falls especially hard on America’s Hispanic community.

The North Carolina Journal | North Carolina needs a ‘personal option’ in healthcare, not more government

By TYLER VOIGT | In an end to the will-they-won’t-they drama of the past several years, lawmakers in North Carolina yesterday announced they’d reached a deal to expand Medicaid in the Old North State. For the past decade, North Carolina lawmakers have repeatedly proposed Medicaid expansion. Yet, just as it has been in every previous legislative session, Medicaid expansion is a terrible idea.

FORBES | It’s Time to Get Rid of the Biggest Con Job in Healthcare

BY STEVE FORBES | Thirty-five states and Washington, D.C. have what are called certificate of need laws—CONs. They require government permission to build new healthcare facilities or expand existing ones. New medical services, such as adding a burn unit, require first getting a CON. For decades these laws have done harm to healthcare quality and costs. This episode of What’s Ahead makes the case for abolishing them.

AP News | NEW POLL: Voters want action from Republians to reduce health care costs

PRNEWSWIRE | Arlington, Va. - Americans for Prosperity today announced the results of a new national public opinion survey showing that voters reject government control of the health care system, want more control of their own health care, and want Republicans to make cutting health care costs a priority. The survey also found that Americans overwhelmingly prefer AFP’s Personal Option plan over a “Public Option” or “Medicare for All,” both single-payer type proposals backed by supporters of government-controlled health care.

New York Post | What Biden didn’t tell you about the state of the union for Hispanics

BY ISABEL SOTO | President Joe Biden stood before Congress and the American people Tuesday night and told us the state of the union is “strong.” He cited efforts to curb inflation, noted the number of jobs recovered and pointed to the Hispanic unemployment rate, which hit a record low in September. But the president didn’t share the whole story.

AFP | Texans know a Personal Option in health care is right for them

Texas has one of the highest uninsured rates in the country and is 41st of 50 states in terms of the number of physicians per capita. As a percentage of income, insurance premiums are the highest in the country. Residents also carry heavy medical debt. But AFP offers another choice: The Personal Option, which would lower costs, improve access, and address the state’s clinician shortage.

UnivisionNews | These are the measures the 118th Congress needs to pass to ensure all Americans can live out their American Dream

BY DANIEL GARZA | Sixty million Latinos, like all Americans, are struggling with the effects of out-of-control federal spending and regulation that have sparked runaway inflation and government-created obstacles to economic growth that are blocking our path to the American Dream. As the new year turns and a new Congress begins legislating, lawmakers’ focus should be on removing barriers to opportunity, fostering innovation, and enabling every American to improve their lives and communities.
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